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Image by Cathy VanHeest


A Win for Insects!

Colorado's Native Pollinating Insects Health Study has set the stage for a new bill! Titled the Invertebrates & Rare Plants Parks & Wildlife Commission bill (HB24-1117), this proposal adds rare plants and invertebrates to the species that may be studied and conserved under Colorado's Parks and Wildlife (CPW) agency.

While PPAN's work with the Department of Natural Resources to create a comprehensive pollinator policy (2018) for state lands was a step in the right direction, HB24-1117 mandates the inclusion of all invertebrates—including, yes, pollinating insects—in state conservation statutes. This means that butterflies, bees, and beetles are now formally considered wildlife in Colorado! Imperiled or potentially imperiled plants are also added to these statutes.

If this bill passes, CPW will be required to appropriate funds to study and conserve invertebrates, as well as rare plants. Yay, Insects!

Urge your Legislators to support this bill!

  • Find your legislator here.

  • Reach out to your legislator(s) if they serve on the House Agriculture, Water & Natural Resources Committee. View committee here.




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