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Support Colorado's Pollinators in 2024

snow on a seedhead

Interested in supporting and protecting Colorado's pollinators?

PPAN works to raise greater awareness about the critical need to protect pollinator, human, and ecosystem health and encourages action at all levels by promoting pollinator-friendly practices in land management and advocating for policy reform.

Your tax-deductible donation will support the following priorities in 2024:


Since 2014, PPAN has spearheaded park pilots, statewide policies, and municipal proclamations focused on protecting pollinator, ecosystem, and human health. We will continue these efforts in 2024 with a focus on passing legislation to return local control so that municipalities will have the ability to adopt stricter measures concerning the use and application of pesticides within their jurisdictions.


In 2024, PPAN will conduct a statewide media campaign to raise further awareness about Colorado's pollinating insects by disseminating findings from the Native Pollinating Insects Study. This study is the first of its kind in Colorado and the result of a bill that PPAN helped to pass in 2022. It provides the most comprehensive review of pollinating insects in state history and will encourage increased collaboration across Colorado's agencies.


PPAN will continue to co-host our seasonal native seed and plant swaps and annual Colorado Pollinator Summit as well as our free monthly webinars! Through our Organic Turf Program, we will provide support and technical resources to encourage more Colorado municipalities to convert their conventional land management practices to organic.


Through a collaborative effort made possible by the sale of the Colorado Pollinator License Plate (the result of a bill that we helped to introduce and pass in 2021), PPAN will award its second cycle of small grants to support the creation of new, safe, pollinator habitat in the state--prioritizing projects that have a justice and equity component (as biodiversity loss disproportionately impacts marginalized communities), among other criteria.


As a partner-driven organization, PPAN engages with like-minded NGOs and unconventional partners, as well as governmental agencies working at the local and state levels. We've co-founded 3 coalitions focused on Colorado's pollinators, environmental health, and native landscaping, and we're central actors in promoting regenerative agriculture and natural climate solutions. We will continue to strengthen and expand our partnerships—modeling the importance of working together and the leverage that it provides to everyone involved.

We need your voice & your financial support to enact the reforms needed!

Help us preserve biodiversity, safeguard human health, and reverse the decline of pollinating insects—all of which are essential to both the health of our economies and our world!




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