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Support PPAN's Work in 2023

Your tax-deductible donation will support and bolster PPAN's:

Public Policy & Advocacy Work

Since 2014, PPAN has spearheaded pilots, policies, and proclamations focused on protecting pollinator and human health. We continue these efforts to create and connect pollinator habitat, convert conventionally-managed green spaces to organic, and reduce and eliminate the use of pesticides in our public parks and open spaces. Plus, we're working on tightening the woefully outdated statute that regulates pesticide applicators in Colorado.

Education & Outreach Efforts

Via these efforts, we have signed on nearly 2,400 individuals and businesses to our pollinator pledge. In 2023, PPAN will continue to co-sponsor our seasonal native seed and plant shares and annual Colorado Pollinator Summit and offer our educational webinars. Via technical resources we will expand our reach to HOAs and municipalities looking to transition to organic and we'll work with the Department of Natural Resources to help raise awareness of the need to protect Colorado's native pollinating insects.

New Habitat Fund

Through a collaborative effort made possible by the sale of the new Colorado Pollinator License Plate (the result of a bill that we helped to introduce and pass in 2021), PPAN will make small grants to a number of community organizationswhich may include HOAs, businesses, governments, schools, tribes, and public housingto support the creation of healthy pollinator habitats. We'll award our first grants in 2023!

...and our

Partnership Initiatives

As a partner-driven organization, PPAN engages with like-minded NGOs and unconventional partners, as well as governmental agencies working at the local and state levels. We've co-founded 3 coalitions focused on Colorado's pollinators, environmental health, and native landscaping, and we're central actors in promoting regenerative agriculture and natural climate solutions. We will continue to strengthen and expand our partnershipsmodeling the importance of working together and the leverage that it provides to everyone involved.

We need your voice and your financial support to enact the reforms needed to preserve biodiversity, safeguard human health, and reverse the decline of pollinating insects—all of which are essential to both the health of our economies and our world!

Support PPAN Today!



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