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Biodiversity loss (along with climate change) is the biggest environmental threat we face today.

And insects—our most vulnerable species—are disappearing at a rate that could lead to their extinction within 100 years!

Can you imagine a world without bees & butterflies?! Unthinkable!

The good news? 

Seemingly small actions that we take together, like:

  • creating and connecting swaths of pollinator-safe habitat;

  • advocating for policies that limit the use of toxics in our environment; and

  • spreading awareness about the importance of biodiversity

do matter and can reverse this trend while protecting the health of ourselves and our families. 

Image by Carolien van Oijen
Image by M. Dean

PPAN is poised and ready to propose important policy changes that will have a far-reaching impact for communities across the state. We’re working to solidify as many partnerships as possible and need your support to help make this comprehensive people and pollinator health bill a reality.

Your year-end gift will go directly to supporting PPAN’s programs including: Public Policy for Pollinators, Pollinator Safe Communities, and our new Habitat Fund.

Whether you care about preserving biodiversity; protecting the health of yourselves and your families; or protecting the health of our soils and mitigating climate change—these things are all interconnected and the work of PPAN addresses all of them.

The time is now to tackle the urgent challenges we face. Please join us!

Make your gift to PPAN by December 31, 2021 to fuel our work in 2022! Our future depends on it!

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