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PPAN’s Pollinator Habitat small grants program offers financial and educational resources to community organizations, businesses, governments, schools, farms, tribes, public housing, and other institutions to support the development of healthy pollinator habitat.

Through collaboration with pollinator and habitat experts, we provide support to successful applicants. This program is backed by the Colorado Pollinator License Plate Fund and other designated donations. The primary criteria for grants include the use of funds to develop, expand, restore, or protect pollinator habitats, within agreed upon parameters. We prioritize projects that: are located within marginalized communities; maximize community outreach; increase biodiversity; and that have matching funds or existing capacity to implement.


Grants range from $500 to $2000
The grant cycle launches in the late winter with award decisions advised by our collaborative team of experts. Grant recipients will be expected to provide a simple report and project photos at one, two, and three years of implementation and to collaborate with us to tell the project story. Please see below for additional criteria and funding requirements. 



2024 Timeline

Late Winter with Details TBA 


Justice & Equity component – loss of biodiversity disproportionately impacts marginalized communities 


Potential to increase local biodiversity

Ability to link disrupted ecosystems

Maximizes community education, collaboration, and engagement


Sufficient funding and capacity to implement/maintain

Volunteer efforts in Denver Parks - Pollinator Gardens and Natural Areas

Grants range from
$500 to $2000

Requirements for Funding


  • The project must be located in Colorado

  • The project must have an educational component and have visibility to the community

  • Design must prioritize the use of regionally-adapted western native species (exceptions possible with approval)

  • Site must be prepared and maintained organically

  • Site must incorporate PPAN's pollinator habitat sign 

  • Grantee must submit expense receipts (all at one time) by September 30, 2023 

  • Grantee must submit a simple report for years one through three of habitat establishment (no more than one page)

  • Grantee must be willing to share the story of habitat creation and photos (PPAN will have the right to use stories and photos in public communications)


PPAN is pleased to have representatives of the Butterfly Pavilion and the CSU Extension serving on the habitat fund review committee

People and Pollinators Bumblebee

Ready to apply?


First check that your project meets the requirements above, then fill out the application to apply for a grant:

  1. Submit Application (Google Form) »

  2. Submit a site design (include existing site features if applicable to the design), and several site photos to:

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