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Create your own Pollinator-Safe place!

You can be a part of a regional landscape solution to create a state-wide pollinator haven in Colorado! By converting your backyard or your business property to pollinator safe habitat, you are joining others who are doing the same and changing Colorado for the better, one garden or property at a time. 



Help maintain our parks for pollinators!

We will be planting native plants and weeding in various parks and pollinator gardens around Denver. Work with Parks and Rec Horticulturists and learn about native plants and pollinators while volunteering! Helping maintain our natural areas in our parks enables the city cut down on using chemical herbicides – so it makes a huge difference!



Here’s what your support does:

  • $50 restores 200 square feet of pollinator habitat.

  • $100 delivers one month of education & outreach via our Pollinator Safe Communities program for one month.

  • $250 gives pollinators a voice with local and state government for one week.



Be a Pollinator Safe Leader!

Do you want your neighborhood and local businesses to be safe places for pollinators – and people? One of our main goals is to empower others to be part of creating a Pollinator Safe movement around Colorado. It’s as easy as talking to your neighbors and your local businesses and asking them to sign the pledge!