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Pollinator License Plate Registration - PPAN

Pollinator License Plate Registration

Help PPAN make a difference

for pollinators today.


Thanks for your interest in Colorado's new Pollinator License Plate! To register for your new plate you must make a one-time donation (using the form below) on a sliding scale of $25 to $50 (additional donations welcomed!) to People & Pollinators Action Network (PPAN). In doing so, you are supporting Colorado's pollinators!


Your donation will directly promote the health of native pollinators, increase native pollinator habitat, and fund educational programs that encourage native pollinator biodiversity. 

Instructions for the Application Process:

  • Fill out the online registration form below (information on the form MUST match your vehicle registration, or your assigned PIN # will not work)

    • If you have two names registered for the same vehicle, please write in BOTH names (First Name: Jack and Jill, Last Name: Smith)​

  • Submit your one-time online donation (minimum of $25). Your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law as PPAN is a charitable organization, 501(c)3, under the IRS.

  • Online donations are preferred. However, if you would like to send a check, please send it to PPAN, PO Box 355, Niwot, CO 80544-0355. We will then provide a certificate you can take to the Department of Motor Vehicle Office to obtain your plates. 

  • Once you have registered and submitted your donation, please allow approximately two weeks to receive your PIN # via email or a certificate via regular mail. 

  • Take your PIN # to the Department of Motor Vehicle Office to receive your Pollinator license plates! Or, to purchase the Pollinator plates online, here are step by step directions for how to use the website to purchase the plates.


Pollinator Plate FAQs


How do I get my plates?

Make a minimum $25 one-time donation to the People & Pollinators Action Network using the form on this page. Donations must be specific to the license plate program and may not be combined with other donations. Each plate set requires a separate donation (per vehicle). Please note that the DMV will assess two additional $25 fees for specialty plates ($50 total).


License plate donations are non-refundable, but if a donation must be returned in special circumstances PPAN will retain $10 to cover processing fees. 


When we receive your donation, we will issue you a PIN # via email. Please allow approximately two weeks for license plate donation processing.

Once you filled out the form on this page and you receive your PIN # from us in an email, here are step by step directions for how to use the website to buy the Pollinator Plates.

How do I order my plates?

After registering, take the PIN # we will provide in an email to the Department of Motor Vehicle Office to receive your Pollinator license plates! Here are step by step directions for how to use the website to buy the Pollinator Plates with the PIN provided in our email.

Will I be required to make a license plate donation every year when I register my car?

No. The donation is a one-time requirement.

What if I want a personalized vanity plate?

You are able to personalize the characters on your license plate, BUT the bee design in the middle of the plate will not appear. Visit for more details.

Can I get Pollinator plates for my motorcycle?

Yes. The steps and the cost are the same.

Can I make my Pollinator License plate donation at the Motor Vehicle Office?

No. All Pollinator license plates donations must be made here on this page:

My vehicle registration does not expire for several months, do I have to wait to get my Pollinator license plates?

No, you can take your PIN # to your Colorado County Motor Vehicle office anytime. The DMV will issue a credit for any unused months left on your registration.

What percentage of my license plate donation will go to People & Pollinators Action Network?

100% of license plate donations will directly benefit the People & Pollinators Action Network.

More questions?
Email us at 

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