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The People and Pollinators Action Network’s staff and leaders bring deep knowledge of and experience with pollinator protection, community development, environmental policy, sustainable agriculture, and habitat management. Staff and steering committee members work closely to forge strategic wins for people, pollinators, and the state of Colorado.

Our approach to solve problems includes:

  • Advocating for discontinuing the use of pesticides and herbicides and other chemicals in our landscapes and parks

  • Hosting Colorado Pollinator Summit to help spread the word and bring people together to solve local issues

  • Advocating for training and regulation on pesticide and herbicide use

  • Championed a state resolution designating I-76 as Colorado’s first pollinator highway 

Public Policy

PPAN works with both local and state governmental agencies and elected officials to encourage pollinator friendly policies in land and facility management and has been instrumental in passing municipal, county and state resolutions to: encourage the conservation of and transition to healthy pollinator habitat; reduce the use of pesticides and engage the public to develop a better understanding of the importance of pollinators.


PPAN mobilizes communities in Colorado to take positive action for pollinators. We offer webinars, workshops, events and presentations—through our Denver, Boulder County and Northern Colorado Chapters—on how pesticides impact pollinator and human health. We have recruited 2,200+ individuals and businesses to take our pollinator-safe pledge to use pollinator-safe practices on their properties.


PPAN works collaboratively with a number of like-minded organizations doing similar work in Colorado to be as effective and efficient as possible. In addition, we co-lead the Colorado Pollinator Network and we're a member of the Pollinator Stewardship Council.

Within Colorado, we work with a growing number of organizations such as the Sierra Club state chapter, the Colorado State Beekeepers Association and the Colorado Department of Transportation. Other partners include Audubon Rockies, CO Native Plant Society, CO Wildlife Federation, Front Range Wild Ones, Clean Label Project, and Healthier Colorado, to name a few.


Through our grassroots approach, we are building a constituency of people who not only will change their own practices, but will also advocate for policy changes at the federal, state and local levels. Our main activities include:


  1. Engaging, educating and mobilizing communities across Colorado to change habits and take action to protect human and pollinator health. 

  2. Recommending and advocating for changes in public and agency policies regarding use of pesticides at the state and local level.

  3. Promoting safer practices in residential and commercial pesticide application by working with local communities, farmers and businesses. 

  4. Working to promote increased pollinator forage and beneficial habitats. 

  5. Advocating for and disseminating research about the effects of pesticide use on both the environment and human health. 

  6. Building an effective and diverse coalition of organizations and individuals that work together to increase public understanding of the potential dangers pesticides pose to human health and our environment.