Do you want your neighborhood and local businesses to be safe places for pollinators – and people? Are you a dedicated, passionate individual?

One of our main goals is to empower others to be part of creating a Pollinator Safe movement around Colorado.  To be part of a Pollinator Safe community, it’s as easy as talking to your neighbors and your local businesses and asking them to sign the pledge!



Help maintain our parks for pollinators!

Join us for our Denver Park volunteer opportunities this summer! We will be planting native plants and weeding in various parks and pollinator gardens around Denver. Parks and Rec Horticulturists will work with volunteers, providing tools, and plants. Learn  about and see native plants and pollinators while volunteering!

Thank you for making a commitment to support pollinators! It is because of people like you that we are able to create habitat and change the way people think about and interact with pesticides. Neighbor to neighbor education and outreach is an effective tool in a time when residents feel powerless in the face of large-scale environmental threats.


Read our top tips on how to initiate change in your community: