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We can only change the trajectory for pollinators (and our planet!) by making sure that people are aware of their importance and how we can protect them.  It can be a complicated issue, but by working together we can find solutions that will help ensure that pollinators have safe and healthy habitat to keep our ecosystems and our agricultural systems working well.


People and Pollinators Action Network engages in education through speaking at events, tabling and participation at conferences.  PPAN volunteers visit classrooms, neighborhood associations, agricultural organizations, HOA’s, colleges, businesses,  local governments and more to talk about ways to work together to protect pollinators.

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We also work collaboratively with other organizations doing similar work to be as effective and efficient as possible.

In 2016, PPAN co-sponsored the first Colorado Pollinator Summit with partners from the Butterfly PavilionColorado Beekeepers Associationthe Bees Waggle and other groups.  That first summit was attended by over 150 people representing over 80 organizations and agencies across the state.

In 2017, we co-sponsored the second Summit at the Denver Botanic Gardens hosting Scott Hoffman Black from the Xerces Society as one of our keynote speakers.  From these two summits, over a dozen organizations have joined together to create the Colorado Pollinator Network.  PPAN is proud to be a partner in the Network which will continue to organize the Colorado Pollinator Summit and take on other collaborative projects.

The Colorado Pollinator Summit is a powerful tool for achieving big gains for people and pollinators. Uniting participants around overlapping goals and visions, the Summit harnesses the power of working together and builds capacity for information and resource sharing.



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