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Image by Cathy VanHeest


Boulder County Open Space: Weed Management

Do you live in Boulder County? The County needs to hear from you! SURVEY CLOSES ON OCTOBER 18TH! Take the survey today.

Between now and October 18th is the very brief window to submit comment about Boulder County’s Parks & Open Space (POS) Weed Managment Plan. This document guides herbicide use on more than 50,000 acres of public lands throughout our watershed!

Community input is essential!

Why? Because herbicide use on Boulder County's open spaces are widespread and so is community concern! In February, this concern prompted a temporary moratorium on aerial spraying of herbicides while the County’s Weed Management Plan was being reviewed. Read more here.

Now, for the first time, since 2004, this plan is being updated. PLEASE make your voice heard by participating in the County's survey today!




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