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Image by Cathy VanHeest


Carbondale Passes its first Pollinator Protection Resolution!

Pollinator advocate Lisa DiNardo worked with members of her community to create a new pollinator resolution in the town of Carbondale. The Town Trustees gave the final approval and adopted the resolution on 10/10/23 with all of the support of the four other parks and landscape-related boards.

“The Carbondale Pollinator Protection Resolution is an important testament to how the Carbondale community values healthy lands, water, and air for all the P’s—people, pets, and pollinators! Reflecting after the adoption of the resolution, it was clear to many that we must keep the momentum growing,” DiNardo said.

DiNardo is a part of the Carbondale Pollinator Advocates a band of Carbondale community members focused on pollinator protection. This group worked with The Difference, a youth group comprised of pollinator advocates, to help get this resolution passed.

The two groups met at the Carbondale Library over several months to discuss the various aspects of the potential Carbondale resolution.

“We each shared how we felt about the resolution and the diverse statements as it relates to the importance and necessity to protecting pollinator habitats,” states DiNardo.

Advocates from the youth and adult groups spoke before the Parks and Recreation Commission and the Town Trustees.

Afterward, to keep the momentum going, some in the Carbondale pollinator advocacy group will reconnect with the youth pollinator advocates [The Difference] for Dandelion Day 2024 to create educational opportunities around choosing native plants to build vibrant pollinator habitat.

The Carbondale Bee Friendly group, a sub-group of the Carbondale Environmental Board, adopted neglected gardens in Carbondale's Sopris Park, where they planted native and adapted plants and bulbs and edged and mulched the gardens.




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