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Image by Cathy VanHeest


Colorado Pollinator & Human Health Bill Update

Earlier this month, for the first time ever, Colorado's legislators deliberated on a Pollinator & Human Health bill (SB22-131), which sought solutions to protect children’s health, preserve pollinator biodiversity, and allow communities to make decisions about pesticide use. After 9 hours of testimony, from both sides, the bill failed to pass its first committee hearing and was permanently suspended. Industry proved to be a formidable opponent and bill supporters' testimony kept up the fight until nearly the end of the hearing.

While the bill did not pass, this is not a defeat! The seed has been planted and PPAN's work will continue to enable it to sprout and grow!

Thank you for showing up and for the outpouring of support that we received in both endorsements and in written and oral testimony. About 40 supporters signed up to testify orally and many others submitted written testimony! It's vitally important that this strong support is now officially on the record. We'll continue to seek opportunities to move bill concepts forward and organize for the next success, and we hope we can count on you for your ongoing support and on-the-ground advocacy. This fight is not over and we'll build on the momentum we created to rally once again!




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