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Image by Cathy VanHeest


Denver-Boulder City Nature Challenge Hike

Denver-Boulder City Nature Challenge Hike! Sunday, May 1st 1:00pm At Bear Creek Greenbelt, Lakewood, CO

Thanks to everyone who joined Dr. Julie Morris (PPAN Board Member) on a local Denver area hike to help document the natural world for this annual citizen scientist challenge, using the free iNaturalist App. Signup to join the hike »

The City Nature Challenge (CNC) is an international 4-day global bioblitz to document urban biodiversity and engage city residents in the nature around them. Participants will take pictures of wild plants and animals between April 29th and May 2nd. Then, with help from the iNaturalist community, you'll work to identify these specimens between May 3rd and May 8th.

Results will be announced on Monday, May 9th. Can't make it? No problem. You can be part of the City Nature Challenge by downloading the free iNaturalist app and observing pollinators in your own backyard. With the app, you can quickly and easily take pictures of your observations and upload them to the Denver-Boulder Metro Area CNC project. Feel free to record any plants, animals, insects, and fungi you observe. Good luck! For directions to the hike meeting location please register here. Register here »




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