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Image by Cathy VanHeest


Local Control Bill, Dead

We heard your voices clearer than ever this year—and we thank you!

We thank all of you who contacted your legislators and local leaders, urging them to restore local/municipal control over pesticide use.

Unfortunately, with the culmination of the legislative session this week, we’ve reached the end of the road for HB24-1178. The bill stalled in the Colorado House after passing the House Committee on Energy & Environment. That this bill was Industry's #1 target for defeat this session reaffirms our commitment to this work. Clearly, we're on to something of great importance!

This is a tough setback, and we at PPAN wish we could share better news with you.

Frankly, it would be much easier to just talk about flowers and bees and not about pesticides. But no other organization is tackling this issue head-on in Colorado. And we can not address the systemic threats impacting our ecosystems and health without talking about pesticides.

Our work does not end here. PPAN is committed to building an even stronger ground game and to helping our state and local leaders (and neighbors!) understand just how prevalent pesticides are in our everyday lives and just how serious this issue is.

Why have we grown accustomed to seeing yellow flags on recently sprayed properties around town? And why do we not make the connection that:

pesticides = poisons—for pollinators, people, and pets!

These little yellow flags are just the tip of the iceberg in regards to the chemicals to which we're repeatedly exposed.

It's well past time to protect our families, our communities, and our world and we hope you'll join us!




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