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Image by Cathy VanHeest



There are two things that have become increasingly obvious in the last several years:

1. Nature is disappearing. 2. Those elected to protect us and the spaces we value are not doing their jobs.

Pesticides are destroying our health, our ecosystems, and our communities.

Our voices are NOT being heard over the pesticide industry's dollars, so it's time to GET LOUDER.

The PAA (Pesticide Applicators Act) amendment to Bill SB23-192, which would return control over pesticide use to the local communities who know what's best for them, is being heard in the capitol this coming Monday, April 24th.

We have FOUR DAYS to let our elected officials know that we will NOT continue to stand for industry being prioritized over the health of our families and wildlife.

CALL YOUR LEGISLATORS NOW to demand that pesticide control is returned to the communities it affects. Visit to find your local legislators and how to contact them.

And speaking of calling your legislators, we are also supporting Bill SB23-266 to limit the use of Neonic pesticides. This is another critical piece of legislation for protecting community and ecosystem health!



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