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Image by Cathy VanHeest


Take Flight from Chemical Pesticides Webinar

Conventional chemical pesticides have been widely used since the mid-1900s, and their full effects on the environment continue to come into greater focus. Birds are one of the hardest-hit taxa from the widespread overuse of chemical pesticides, particularly from pesticide coatings on seedsand their fate is closely tied to that of insects and people. Join us for a look back at past pesticide regulations, current effects of conventional pesticides on birds, and what we can do to secure a safer and less-toxic future for birds, insects, and humans. Register here.

Speaker Bio Hardy Kern is the Director of Government Relations for American Bird Conservancy’s Pesticides and Bird Campaign. His portfolio includes a wide range of toxics issues, including agricultural pesticides, rodenticides, and lead. Hardy received a B.S. in Zoology from The Ohio State University and worked as a zookeeper for 10 years before receiving a Master of Public Administration degree from Kent State University. He began working at ABC in January of 2022.

This webinar is in partnership with the American Bird Conservancy and Rocky Mountain Wild in recognition of Colorado Endangered Species Week—a week dedicated to providing educational events and advocacy opportunities to protect the plant and animal species that are at-risk here in Colorado.




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