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Volunteer to support no-spray community spaces!

Did you know that Golden just opened its first pesticide-free neighborhood park

DeLong Park, at 395 23rd St. (3 blocks NE of our Natural Grocers), is an organic pilot park.  This means that it is an experiment in a non-toxic management style by the City of Golden Parks Department. 


We consider this a very positive step, and are grateful that the parks director agreed to attempt this project. (The city of Boulder has been managing their parks without pesticides since the 1990’s so this is very feasible!) 


However, a big difference between Boulder and Golden is that Boulder has a robust volunteer program which they depend on to manage weeds in their parks.

We are hoping to recruit some of you to assist with volunteer weed duty to make this park a success!

If we succeed as a community in managing this pilot park without pesticides we can look forward to more organically managed parks in Golden, so we hope that you will take this opportunity to connect with your fellow local PPAN members to build a strong network to make Golden a healthier place for people and pollinators!

If you are interested in volunteering, please submit THIS FORM to help us track participation, and COMPLETE THIS WAIVER to bring with you on volunteer days.

We can't wait to see you out there!


DeLong Park will host drop-in volunteers every Tuesday morning starting at 10am this Spring and 8am this Summer. 

The best way to stay ahead of weekly plans is to join the email list:

Help us turn this pilot park into a permanent one!

Keep our communities and pollinators safe from pesticides!

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