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Planting for Pollinators Webinar

Watch the webinar:

Planting for Pollinators

Thursday, June 23rd

Noon (via Zoom) Mountain Time

Celebrate Colorado Pollinator Month by tuning in to this webinar!

One of the best ways to support native pollinators is to provide a variety of pollinator-safe native plants and a succession of blooms throughout the growing season. During this webinar, a panel of experts will discuss the best sources for regionally appropriate plants and pesticide-free plants and seeds, ideas for plants that will enhance habitat, ways to expand habitat in your community, garden design ideas, and tips, and best practices.

Speaker Bios

Dr. Laurel Starr’s retirement from a career in anesthesiology in 2019 has allowed her to redirect her energy to become an advocate for a healthier planet. Currently, she is working with the City of Golden for the reduction of pesticide use in parks and public spaces. Golden just opened its first pesticide-free neighborhood park. She recently completed the coursework for the CO Native Plant Master certificate and is a trained Audubon Naturalist.

Aaron Michael is the Founder & CEO of Earth Love Gardens. Earth Love Gardens creates native plant, pollinator-friendly Landscape Designs, raised Garden Beds, and Hoop Houses.

Jax McCray’s primary background is as a registered nurse. She now proudly calls herself a Nurse for the Earth. As a graduate of Starhawk's Earth Activism permaculture design course, she co-founded Remedy Permaculture Design in March of 2021. Her passion is in creating outdoor spaces and events that both feed souls and deeply nurture the earth.

Lindsey Snow's story comes down to her journey as an educator, coach, and mentor, and ultimately as a change-maker… and really, the underlying drive behind all of those outlets, which has been the desire to cultivate growth and healing, ultimately by creating or providing the right environment in which it can organically happen.... kinda like gardening! Combining her experience with graphic design and education, she loves co-creating spaces that are as sustainable and as beautiful as possible. She considers it a privilege to create gardens that invite wild, help regenerate and celebrate the earth, and bring hope in a time of great need!




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