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Image by Cathy VanHeest


Redfin features PPAN Eco-friendly landscaping tip

Embrace native wildflowers and eliminate pesticides

Loss of healthy habitats has led to biodiversity loss in our urban and rural landscapes. The good news is that anyone that owns or manages any green space, however large or small, can build healthy landscapes to support our essential native pollinators. We encourage people to incorporate native wildflowers that bloom throughout the growing season, convert part of their lawn to a pollinator-friendly habitat, and eliminate the use of toxic pesticides that harm people, pets, and pollinators. These actions will help support the widest array of beneficial bees, butterflies, and birds.People and Pollinators

Don’t miss the Redfin article we’re featured in: “Start Your Sustainability Journey this Summer: 24 Eco-Friendly Home Design Ideas”

With the summer season about to begin, chances are you’ve heard about reducing water usage, limiting your electricity or air conditioning, and other eco-friendly practices you can take part in. But what does it mean to truly have a green home all year round - not just during the summer months? From sustainable architecture to eco-friendly interior design practices, native landscaping, and energy-saving upgrades, there are countless eco-friendly home design ideas to consider.

So whether you’re living in Atlanta, GA, or looking to make your LEED-certified apartment in Austin, TX, even more sustainable, there’s always a green option that works for your needs. To help you get started, Redfin reached out to us to weigh in on the topic. Check out what we had to say so you can make your home more eco-friendly this summer and for years to come.




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