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What's New at PPAN?

Wondering what’s new at PPAN in regards to our current policy work, 2024 habitat grants, and the new Insects StudyRead on!

Local Government Authority to Regulate Pesticides (HB24-1178)

PPAN has championed and is advocating for a new bill concerning Colorado municipalities' restored authority to regulate the use of pesticides in their communities. Currently, state preemption prevents communities from adopting local ordinances that could protect unique resources and public health. Limited local control would allow communities to protect water sources, create buffer zones to protect natural areas, and increase protections for vulnerable populations such as children.

This bill will soon go to the House for a vote, so now is the time to contact your legislators to let them know where you stand. Check out our Take Action page HERE for fact sheets, tips, and more about this bill to restore local control.

Protect Our Pollinators Habitat Fund

We are so excited to launch the second year of our Protect Our Pollinators Habitat Fund in support of healthy pollinator habitat creation around the state!

Backed by sales of the Colorado Pollinator License Plate, this fund will provide small grants to community organizations, businesses, governments, schools, farms, tribes, public housing, and other institutions to develop, expand, restore, or protect healthy pollinator habitat.*

We are prioritizing projects that:

(1) are located within marginalized communities

(2) maximize community outreach

(3) increase biodiversity

(4) have matching funds or existing capacity to implement

*Please note that we are unable to award grants to individuals at this time.

Visit our Habitat Fund webpage for more information!

We’ll be announcing our 2024 application deadline soon!

Colorado Native Pollinating Insects Study

The CO Native Pollinating Insects Health Study was released on January 1, 2024! 

PPAN was honored to serve on the Department of Natural Resources  Pollinator Study leadership team and we’re currently working to disseminate the Study’s findings to a broad audience.  Keep your eyes peeled for a brand new interactive pollinator map where you can learn more about Colorado’s pollinating insects!

Did you know that Colorado has over 1,000 species of native bees, alone? These pollinators, along with over 250 species of butterflies, thousands of species of moths, and around 300 beetle species are underestimated and play a critical role in sustaining our state's diverse ecosystems! Unfortunately, insects are not protected in Colorado as they, currently, do not fall within the mandate of Colorado’s Parks & Wildlife (CPW) agencies. Learn more about the new bill under consideration to change this! Check out the full CO Pollinating Insects Health Study, here!




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