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Take Action for Local Control of Pesticide Use
In order to pass the Local Government Authority to Regulate Pesticides bill, we need YOUR help! 
Contact your legislators to voice your support of HB24-1178 and urge them to bring the bill to the House Floor for a vote
Follow the steps below to take action TODAY.

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Script for calling/emailing

[personalize with your own words whenever possible]:

“Hello, my name is [Your Name], and I'm your constituent calling from [Your Location]. I am calling today to express my support for the Local Government Authority to Regulate Pesticides Bill HB24-1178. Expanded local control would allow communities to protect water sources, create buffer zones to protect natural resources, and increase protections for vulnerable populations such as children.

[Optional] Share a brief personal story or connection to the issue if you have one.

I believe that my community should have the option to adopt local ordinances that could protect unique resources and community health. Under current state law, this is not possible. I urge [Name of Legislator/Local Official] to support the Local Government Authority to Regulate Pesticides bill and to bring the bill to the House Floor for a vote.

Please ensure that Colorado's diverse landscapes and communities are supported by giving municipalities limited local control to decide what's best for them.”

Check out our General, Climate Change, Environmental Justice, & Addressing Misconceptions Fact Sheets.

Just click on a thumbnail!

  • Call and/or email your state legislators to ask for their support of HB24-1178.


Find your legislator here:

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