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Thanks so much to everyone who attending the Advancing Systemic Change for a Sustainable Environment Webinar – we hope you enjoyed learning about this critical topic. If you could not participate or would like to watch again, the webinar was recorded and is posted here. If you subscribe to PPAN’s YouTube channel, you will be alerted when we post videos in the future.

This webinar focuses on the problem with pesticide dependency in land management and address the solutions available to us now. The discussion looks at opportunities for a holistic analysis of the adverse effects of pesticides and the ecological solutions that protect people and the environment while confronting existential crises related to the climate crisis, biodiversity collapse, and disproportionate harm in people of color communities.

The presenter, Jay Feldman, is a founder and executive director of the national environmental and public health membership group Beyond Pesticides. Jay has a 40-year history of working with communities nationwide on toxics and organic policies and practices, addressing agricultural, lawn, and landscape management practices that maintain ecological balance, enhance biodiversity, and eliminate toxic chemical use.

He has successfully fought to remove from the market hazardous pesticides and helped draft pivotal local, state, and federal organic law, including the Agricultural Productivity Act, which established sustainable agriculture programs at USDA, and the Organic Foods Production Act, which created the USDA organic certified food label. In 2010, he was appointed by the Obama Administration to a 5-year appointment to the National Organic Standards Board, a stakeholder board that advises on organic and determines allowable materials, where he served as chair of the Crops Committee.

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