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Bee on Flower

It's Pollinator Month!

Check out fun events, volunteer opportunities, special promotions, and MORE to celebrate CO Pollinator Month and support your favorite pollinator non-profit!

Ryan Bartlett


Your home and garden are big opportunities for you to be a part of a state-wide solution for pollinator protection. Discover more about how you can join a network of people taking backyard action to protect pollinators in their homes and gardens.

This had to be in September. In September (around here) the thistle is in bloom and the bu

Celebrate & Support CO Pollinators

June is the time to celebrate and raise awareness about the importance of pollinators and their critical role in our ecosystems. 

• Plant Native Plants
• Share Native Plants
• Eliminate Pesticide & Herbicide use

Volunteer at Denver Pollinator Gardens

Help PPAN create change

Interested in other ways to get involved with our work at PPAN? We have lots of volunteer roles to suit whatever you're interested in doing!

Click below for more information and to sign up for our volunteer list!




Share your pollinator gardens with us! Take pictures of your gardens and send them to us and we may add them here to share with the world!

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